a journey in becoming a botanical illustrator

learning to see the beauty of god's creation
up close and personal

from graphite to watercolor


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Finding Your Niche

It takes time to find your niche and your style in art.
For me it has meant practicing consistently and taking many online courses.
I found that over time each course revealed a truth about my art that I didn't realize before.


Practice Methods

I always say, "Practice makes art!", and it's true!  In Practice Methods you will find various ideas I have for practicing our art on a daily basis.  In order to become botanical illustrators, we must practice daily and these methods will encourage us to do just that.


Getting Inspired To Create!

Maybe you need to see some step by step ideas on how to create a botanical masterpiece. Or maybe looking through some photographs of God's beautiful creation might do the job...

Blog Posts

I write blog posts in order to share with you my botanical illustration journey.  These posts are not just to tell you about what I have learned on my journey, but how to do what I've learned.  Each post is concentrated on a particular subject matter in botanical illustration that will keep us practicing. As I always say, "Practice Makes Art"!

Botanical Photography

I love taking photos of the flowers on my homestead and when I take trips to my favorite place in all the world, Cannon Beach.  In this area I will share with you my botanical photos, along with their common name and Latin names.  Each photograph is meant to inspire and encourage us to get busy creating botanical illustrations!


Thank You For Visiting!

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I hope it will inspire you to get practicing or maybe encourage you to take a course or maybe even say "Yes!" to a commission request!


What I'm Working On Now

Below you can find any courses I am taking and illustrations or commissions I am working on.

A Cluster Of Grapes

I have been studying grapes for an online course I am putting together and I finally decided to try my hand at this grape cluster in graphite. It's fun, but very difficult to give it the three dimensional look it needs. It has been great practice ...

Hydrangea For Mom

My Mom loves Hydrangeas and I thought it would be nice to create a botanical illustration of a Hydrangea in graphite for Mother's Day. She will have to imagine the blue color which are her favorites, but I'm hoping she will love it framed on her wall.

A Leaf Course

Please join me while I take another course by Dianne Sutherland Ball called
"Drawing and Painting Leaves".
You can view Part 1Part IA,
Part 1B, or Part II of this course
so far.