Constance Reeder

WELCOME!  I am a graphite artist currently studying in ink and watercolor, and I always carry a camera!


recent Graduation & Continued Education
In Botanical Illustration

Since beginning this website in 2016, I have taken several online courses that have to do with botanical illustration, including the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh Online Certificate Course.  I recently graduated in March 2018 with distinctions, completing the course with this final piece of the Cyclamen persicum...

I loved the certificate course and still have so much more to learn about botanical illustration!  I am hoping to be accepted into the RBGE 3-year, Online Diploma Course of which I have applied and am hoping to begin within the year.

For me, to become a botanical illustrator would mean the chance to participate in the documentation of my part of the botanical world.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we have beautiful Evergreens, old Cottonwoods and American Chestnut trees to name just a few.

On my homestead, I have 50+ year old Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons & Azaleas, more like trees than a bush, that are common in my city. These beautiful flowering plants along with my Chinese Magnolia, assortment of Maples, Cherry Blossoms, and even a Strawberry tree are just a few I hope to document in botanical illustrations for our local gardens.



Graphite is definitely my first choice in art, but it's not the only medium I desire to work in...

I have recently discovered the magic of Calligraphy with dip pen and ink and there's nothing like watercolor & brush
to make botanicals come to life!

 Me and my Wonderful Hon- of 30+ years - A beautiful barefoot wedding day of our oldest daughter and son-in-law - July 2017.

Me and my Wonderful Hon- of 30+ years - A beautiful barefoot wedding day of our oldest daughter and son-in-law - July 2017.

Our family has been traveling to the Pacific Ocean for years, since our four kids were little.  They have grown up walking the same beach to the same famous Haystack Rock, and having dinner at the same wonderful pizza place, Fultano's of course...


So it may not surprise you that my lifelong dream would be to have an abode on the Pacific Ocean at Cannon Beach, just me and my Hon- after the kids have grown, surrounded by all the glory of God's amazingness - A place where my artistic soul can be at peace...  I don't know if it will ever happen, but until then, I am always up for a 2 hour and 45 minute drive just to shoot lots of Botanical Photography and put my toes in the warm, soft sand & cold, salty ocean!