Constance Reeder

WELCOME!  I am an Illustrator & Calligrapher. I love to work in graphite, ink and watercolor, and I always carry a camera!

I live out my life with my wonderful family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, USA.

Daily I can be found in my cottage garden amongst the roses and visiting with my bunny in her bunny garden where I just planted a Weeping Cherry Blossom tree… Bunnies and gardens are a must in my thinking!

I have 50+ year old Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons & Azaleas (more like trees than a bush) that are common in the Puget Sound. These beautiful flowering plants along with my Chinese Magnolia, assortment of Maples, Cherry Blossoms, and even a Strawberry tree, are just a few I hope to include in a piece of art one day.

I have taken several online courses that have to do with botanical illustration, including the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh Online Certificate Course.  I graduated in March 2018 with distinctions, completing the course with this final piece of the Cyclamen persicum.

Although I have not chosen to continue to work in this amazingly detailed form of botanical illustration, I can say for sure, botanicals will always be a part of my art journey.


My art pieces are beautifully simple and organic now, with lovely tones and contrasts and bits of detail. I use only handmade 100% recycled cotton rag paper with imperfections and delicate deckled edging for my original pieces rather than watercolor paper. This gives a kind of 18th Century feel to my work that I just know you will love!

My heart leaps for joy with the thought of my Botanical and Scripture pieces hanging on the walls of your home, bringing light and encouragement to you!

Thank you so much for visiting my humble website - Please check in often as I hope to have my Etsy Shop up and running by the end of October 2018!
Many Blessings To You!!

 Me & My Wonderful Hon- of 31 years!! :)

Me & My Wonderful Hon- of 31 years!! :)