If you are in need of some additional practice for botanical illustration, whether you are just starting out on your journey or a bit more seasoned - please join me for some daily work...

April 4 - single flower study

Today let's try a study of our flower with one leaf in pencil or ink.  I plan to carry out a two-page study of the Hellebore in my journal - you can do as much with your study of your subject as you wish.  I may even try a bit of it using the stippling technique...

Stippling Technique:  Make small dots to add tone to your subject - At first glance it may appear to be tedious, however, in trying it you may find it quite mesmerizing! I hope you will give it a go :)  Here's my example of a rose I did in my journal back in 2016, and I love how it turned out!

Remember to use whatever subject you wish and try it in pencil, ink or both :)

My Work For Today:


I have added some weather and other information about gardening in my nature journal for the month of April and I also retraced a portion of my simple line drawing from yesterday and added it in black ink as you can see on the left page.


Beginning with a bounding box and some measurements, I am now drawing out a single flower and will give more information using the stippling technique... 

Be sure to leave a large area on your page for your final Single Flower Study and use the areas around it for notes and measurements of all the different parts of the flower; i.e., stem, petals, sepal, pistil, stamen, leaves, buds etc... 


Here's a little more for tonight...


Samples for reference...


And here is a sample study page layout in my journal of a Hydrangea leaf...


I will continue working on this through this evening with a final post and then resume with this study page tomorrow as well :)