Best Hydrangea For Mom

The Best Kind of Hydrangea

My Mom loves Hydrangeas and I thought it would be nice to create a botanical illustration of a Hydrangea in graphite for Mother's Day. Of course the best(est) Hydrangea would be a watercolor illustration, but she will have to imagine the blue colors which are her favorites.  I'm sure she will love it framed on her wall where hopefully it will not shrivel up and die one day :)

I thought I would take the time to share with you the steps I have taken to prepare this drawing. It's always an amazing thing to take time to study God's creation.  I found this Hydrangea to be incredibly intricate in so many ways - Truly, I was not expecting to find what I did! 

I'll let the pictures tell the story :)


Once I have completed thoroughly studying my subject and I have sketched out and even added color with my watercolors in my sketchbook, then I draw out my subject in life size measurements on a piece of tracing paper.

Once my drawing is to my liking, I transfer it to my choice of watercolor paper.  In this case it's hot pressed Arches - 140 lb.

I then begin toning and shading using my Faber-Castel 9000 Series graphite pencils.  I typically use from Hb to 6B.  Since the initial subject has usually died by this point - I made sure to take many photos of the exact one I drew from.  I then change the photo to black and white, so I can easily see the tones and begin.

This is where I am today.  I will add photos to this post to keep you updated on my progress.  My goal is to complete it by Mother's Day 2018 :)

If you should have any questions about my progress through this subject - please do not hesitate to contact me in the navigation above.  I would love to hear from you.