A Leaf Course - Part 2 - Perspective

Exercise 1, Part 2 - Day 1

In Part II of Drawing and Painting Leaves with Dianne Sutherland Ball, I have to complete three exercises.  The first is to measure a leaf from five different perspectives.  I am to show my measuring lines and sketching, but then darken my finished leaf perspective.

Camellia Leaf - Five Perspectives

Exercise 2, Part II - Day 2

In the second exercise I am to make two to three pages of different leaves using the same five perspectives, but with different bends, curves, and twists in each leaf.  I am to continue to show my measuring lines and sketching, but then darken my finished leaf perspective.

Two Ivy Leaves - Five Perspectives With Bends, Curves & Twists

Day 3

One Crazy Begonia Leaf - Five Perspectives With Bends, Curves & Twists.

Exercise 3, Part II - Day 4

In the third exercise I am to choose one leaf with bends, curves and twists and draw and fully tone in graphite in one interesting perspective.  I chose the Ivy leaf - But I chose more than one for a beautiful composition that I can frame, hopefully :)

Ivy Leaves - One Perspective, Toned

I began by choosing two Ivy leaves and drew them out on my tracing paper...

Then I flipped the tracing paper over and outlined the leaves with a 4B graphite, then flipped it back over and traced it onto a sheet of good Bristol paper.  Once I looked at it, I remembered that I need to have an uneven number of objects as that is most pleasing to the eye.

So I found a third Ivy leaf that I felt would make a good composition and sketched and transferred it onto my paper.  Then I began toning.

Day 5

Continuing with toning of my Ivy leaves.

And darkened a bit more... using graphite ranges from 2H-4B.

Day 6

Moving into Ivy Leaf #2 now on my final perspective and tonal study composition.

That's all I have for now.  If you are interested in this course with Dianne Sutherland Ball, you can find her on Google.  Her online courses are fantastic and I highly recommend the two I have taken so far which are Botanical Illustration and this one, Drawing and Painting Leaves.

Continue to check in to find my updates for this portion of my leaf class here.