I'll Take Lavender Everything, Please!

My Favorite Flower

My favorite flower has got to be Lavender!  I have always felt this way, but I recently rediscovered it when I took time to make some things for my oldest daughter’s bridal shower and of course she wanted Lavender too. 

First, I was in charge of making her bridal shower invitations.  If you take time to read through my blog, you can tell I work best in graphite, but I'm promising myself to practice really hard and make watercolor a favorite too.  This was a good chance to practice, so that’s what I used, and I kept it simple and sweet…

Bridal Shower Invitations And Dried Lavender

I made this design myself, so please feel free to use it if you like. 

Even though it’s early in the year I was able to find lots of dried Lavender at a small shop in the mall and believe me, I was in Heaven surrounded by all the Lavender lotions, candles, room sprays and such – and YES! those are lavender colored Ball mason jars! They made great gifts for the bridesmaids and prizes for the guests and lovely decorations all around…

Lavender In Boho

I added the chalkboard hearts with the string and wrote “Love” on them with a white chalkboard paint pen.  Also, I found these lovely purple paper Boho doilies at Michaels and I had stored up a bunch of crocheted cup holders I have made whenever we travel. Together they were lovely…

Bridal Shower Gifts

I filled these little gift bags with dried lavender and added Skittle candies in the little heart tins.  I glued the little Boho wooden pieces on the lids (also found at Michaels) and added Lavender body frosting for a special touch…

Chalkboard Scripture

I used small white paper doilies and some letter stickers to make a “Bride To Be” streamer and I found this chalkboard frame and painted 1John 4:16 on it with a chalkboard paint pen and then added strings across it for the guests to clip a special word of wisdom to.

The Bride To Be was glad to receive these precious thoughts and the chalkboard Scripture made a special gift for decorations in her own place.

At the end of the bridal shower, the guests left happy, the Mother of the Bride To Be relaxed and the Bride To Be was so blessed by such wonderful family, friends, and gifts, as well as the chance to be surrounded by her favorite fragrant flower, Lavender.

“For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being
saved and among those who are perishing”
2 Corinthians 2:15