I applied for and was accepted to begin this course in October 2017, ending March 30, 2018.  I have taken this course to prepare me to be able to apply for the RBGE Diploma Course if I choose to do so. However, the cost and time time commitments are huge, so I am still unsure at this time of whether I will apply or not.  If you are interested in learning more about this certificate course, RBGE stands for the Royal Botanical Garden, Edinburgh, Scotland and you can find it on Google.

You can read my personal review about it at RBGE Certificate Course Review.

Here is my Final Composition from this course of the Cyclamen persicum...


Here's a scan for the final submission of my work...

Final Piece 600 dpi.jpeg

And here's a little collage as a memory of this wonderful course...


April 17, 2018 - Today I received my final grade for the RBGE Certificate Course - Much higher than I thought it would be!! Truly, I'm shocked, but feel very blessed as I have learned so much during this course!

Overall Grade: Distinction - 82/100!

If you are interested in taking the RBGE Certificate Online Course, which is a good lead in to the RBGE Diploma Course, you can find it at Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh.  I highly recommend this 6 month course.



You can read through my journey here:  RBGE