I joined the online "Sketchbook Revival" to try my hand at some different kinds of art.  It's nice to take a break from doing only botanical illustration for the past couple of years and I find it is giving me a new perspective of art and an even greater love for the preciseness of botanical and all I have learned - especially in the RBGE.

May 18, 2018


Continuing on with some sketching practice and gearing up toward the upcoming 30x30 Direct Watercolor 2018 - where I will sketch 30 watercolor sketches in 30 days from my photos I have been taking while vacationing in Cannon Beach, Oregon.  The 30x30... is from June 1-30.  If you'd like to join, you can find it on instagram

I sketched this old church using my new Faber-Castell, Graphite Aquarelle pencils and paintbrush with a little water, with my signature in my new Lami Joy Calligraphy pen :)


May 5, 2018

Well, Sketchbook Revival is over, but I'm continuing on with my sketching from photos... I've been working on this Venice sketch for a couple of days now and wanted to show you what I have so far.  I finished the sketch for the most part and have begun adding splashes of watercolor here and there.


My windows are a bit whacko, but one thing I love about these quick sketches is that they aren't meant to be perfect - it's time to practice and quickly get a sketch in the sketchbook. 

This particular sketch is taking more time than it should, but it's just been a little bit each day, so I'm not worried about it...

I like this particular one because it has depth to it and I am beginning to feel the roundness of the building on the right... But that building on the left cracks me up!! lol

Maybe I can fix it... Will give it a little more effort tomorrow, but that's all and I'm moving on to some more sketching fun!

F.U.N. is the key here!!! :)




May 2, 2018

Today I decided to bring my art supplies over to my comfy chair and hang out here while listening to a great sermon by Pastor Alistair Begg... If you'd like to listen to it too - here it is:  "Jesus In 3D"


I haven't shown you the mini sketchbook my Victoria friend and I are passing back and forth between England and the USA, but you can see my tea cup practice in it here...  We both get  a two page spread per month through the rest of this year. 

You may also notice that I have begun a new urban sketch of Venice, Italy :)

All I need is God's Word with a cup of Chamomile Tea and honey - Till Jesus comes! :)

Blessings for a wonderful day with Jesus!


P.S. Leaving you with a beautiful photo of my studio cat, Simon. He's outside for the first time in his life and he's loving it!

Our Australian Shepherd, Cooper, won't let Simon leave the backyard... So he just wanders around through the beautiful Blue Bells under our old apple tree. 

It's nice having him eat plants out there instead of my botanical subjects in my studio!

I think we are both happier :) 


April 30, 2018

 April 30, 2018 - Here's where I'll begin with my sketching today...

April 30, 2018 - Here's where I'll begin with my sketching today...

I'm really enjoying the practice of sketching and watercolor painting my "Yellow Tea Cup" that sits in my art studio.  I enjoy it so much, that I think I will use it as my only solo subject for a while :)  It will be my goto when I'm not feeling like practicing or I just don't know what to practice...

Another form of art I am enjoying in Sketchbook Revival is urban sketching!!! I love it :)

Here's some of my work so far and the supplies I'm using, along with my Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolors which I have put in 1/2 pans and stored in my Faber Castell tin that my FC 9000 Series graphites came in...  You may notice the empty pans? I am using these to keep my colors separated :)

My YellowTeaCup boasts some tiny sea shells from my dear Victoria friend. She sent them to me after spending her family holiday near the sea in England. These tiny shells are so beautiful with gorgeous earth tone colors!! Victoria also made me the friendship painting in the background and surprised me with Edith Holden's, "Diary..." when she visited me in America.

April 26, 2018


April 25, 2018


April 24, 2018


PracticeMakesArt! as you have heard me say - So you should see some progress over a bit of time.  Maybe you will join me... 




Rejoice in the Lord always
I will say it again: Rejoice!
— Philippians 4:4