RBGE - Unit 5

ACTIVITies 1.1, 1.2, 2.1 & 2.2

Activities 1.1 - Measured Drawing of Flower & Bud

January 11 - Last night I was able to find ONE Cyclamen plant in town and I am very excited since this is the plant we are using for our study in Unit 5!  Here's the beauty I found...


In this unit, we have four activities that I am really looking forward to as we get to do quite a bit of graphite work again - Here's what I have done so far in Unit 5, Activity 1.1.

First, I took lots of photos... (here's just a few).


Then I did some snipping and took some more photos of individual parts of the plant...


Then placing each part under some good lighting, I began to draw them out...


That's all I have for now. You may have noticed that my surroundings have changed a bit.  That's because I like change, so I cleared out my whole art area and put it all away, including the desk, and then took out just what I needed for this portion of Unit 5, and I'm having out at the dining room table until I think of something else :)

You can see the tools I'm using in the photos above.  It feels good to have it all cleaned up and put away - for now anyway, and you will probably see a new set up before the end of this Unit. :)

Thank you for stopping by...



January 14 - Finished up my Activity 1.1 of Unit 5 - A measured drawing of flower and bud and submitted it to my profile and will begin Activity 1.2 tomorrow, which is the tonal study of a flower and bud.  

Using the real plant and not a photo as instructed, today I drew from the following views...


And here's my Activity 1.1. - My original drawing was with HB Graphite, but as you can see I had to re-trace with a 4B Graphite in order for my scanned image to be seen for my submission.

Unit 5, Activity 1.1 1.jpeg

Activity 1.2 - Tonal Study of Flower & Bud

For Activity 1.2 I want to make it picture perfect and fully rendered so I can frame it and hang it on my wall :) Very excited to see how it turns out! This Cyclamen is really beautiful and elegant with lots of movement and gorgeous magenta color!

Blessings and thank you so much for stopping by!


January 18 - Well hello! Sorry for disappearing for a few days - Unit 5 has a shorter amount of time to get our work done, so I have been working diligently on my activities, knowing that it takes me some time to get my work done. Also, it was my birthday yesterday and I took some time off, just to enjoy the day... How did I spend my birthday day?  I listened to a wonderful series of sermons by Pastor Alistair Begg called, "Guard The Truth" while I worked on my RBGE course.

So here's what I have done...


Above is the flower I'm working on - this photo taken with a flash, and I clipped it way back on January 11!  Today is the 18th - 7 days later! So how is it keeping so well, you may ask? I simply put it in this jar of water and have kept it in the refrigerator when I am not working with it.  I would say the RBGE tutors knew what they were doing when they picked this plant for our work! The flowers last a really long time!

Here's a little closer photo to the way I am viewing it while working - It's really so hard to get a perfect shot, since it is so dark here lately, but you get the general idea...


So I took my study page of drawn out parts, and I picked a few of the parts that I would like to include in my final graphite piece of work for Activity 1.2 and here's the tracing paper piece I came up with...


Then I transferred this drawing to my Bristol paper and began shading and toning...


As I work on this graphite composition, I am keeping in mind to not press on my paper which would cause an indention in my paper. I am being careful to keep my touch light to not cause a shine in my lead. I am bringing about the darkened areas by using layers and layers of darker and darker graphite. At this point, I have begun with H and worked to HB and now to B.

The hard part of this Cyclamen flower, but part of the beauty of it, are all the little fine groves and lines in the petals...

Thank you for stopping by and I will be back to my normal daily posting now, so keep checking in.




Evening of January 18 - Just finished my graphite work on my Cyclamen and I love how it turned out...


And just a little more contrast with my B graphite... And here's the scan I submitted for Unit 5, Activity 1.2!! Onto my watercolor version!

Unit 5, Activity 1.2 2.jpeg

Blessings for a wonderful time of art wherever in the world you may be visiting from!


Activity 2.1 - Color Matching of Flowers & Buds

January 19 - Just finished Unit 5, Activity 2.1 and wanted to show you! For this activity we are supposed to do a color match for a bud, a freshly opened flower and a fading flower. As you can see, the colors can change drastically as the flower matures and begins to fade...


I definitely need to come up with a more organized and neat way of doing my color matching - some artists keep their's in a watercolor note pad so they can make reference to it, and I think that's a really good idea. However we choose to do it, it needs to be done on the same watercolor paper we will do our final painting on because not all watercolor papers respond the same.

The paper I am using this time is the Bockingford Block.  On my prior work, I have used the Bockingford Pad - and that tends to buckle quite a bit with watercolor work, so I'm trying this block instead.  So far, it's really good, but we'll see how it does when I begin my painting :)



P.S.  You might like to know... I set my desk back up :) lol


Activity 2.2 - Painting of Flower Bud

January 20 - I just had to spend time organizing my color matching for my Cyclamen.  Finally, I decided on the flower, and two buds that I wanted to include in my Activity 2.2 - I don't know if you can see the drawing as it is very light, but you'll definitely be able to see my organized color matching at the bottom :)


I'll begin my painting soon, so be sure to check back in.  Unit 5 is due on Wednesday and this is the last Activity and then I'm done and onto Unit 6!

If you haven't already seen it, you may want to read my new blog post, "Lighting For The Art Desk" inspired by a reader of this website!! :)

Thank you so much for stopping by - and thank you to those of you who have sent me an email asking questions! I love it :)



January 21 - I have finished Unit 5 and I'm so glad to have a break until Thursday! My final piece of work is not perfect, as I lost my highlights!! But I'm happy to have tried hard and be done for a bit :) Here's my work...

Unit 5, Activity 2.2 1.jpeg

If you have subscribed to my website and keep getting the same Newsletter from me about the Solar Eclipse Sale - I apologize and please disregard. MailChimp is currently trying to help me with the issue.

Thank you so much for stopping by and following along with me on my botanical illustration journey.  I hope you will be here when I begin Unit 6 on Thursday!  I'm so glad that graphite botanical illustration is a thing as that seems to be the medium for me :)

Blessings to you!

Constance - Here's a fun picture...


Activity 2.2 (Do Again)

January 22 - Well, after listening to a really great sermon today by Alistair Begg, I was inspired to try again at my final composition of the Cyclamen flower and bud - and I'm glad I had another go at it!


As you can see in the photo above, the color match of the first one is definitely better, but I was able to maintain my highlights so much better the second time :)  Then I did some more work on the stems which are hard to really fix because this paper tends to bleed on the edges... and I did a little more detail and decided this is finally done.

Unit 5, Final.jpeg

This is my third piece of work on the Bockingford Block by St. Cuthberts Mill and unfortunately it bleeds quite a bit on edges and the washes appear to be smudged.  For now I can only say that Moulin du Roy by Canson, 140 lb, Hot Presssed is the best paper I have found to work on in watercolor and it can be quite difficult too - but out of the papers I have tried so far, it is the best.  I'm kind of sad that I will never know what it was like to work on an old piece of Fabriano since it has been discontinued, never to be made again. :(

Here's to trying again, because "Practice Makes Art! Blessings! 


Here's a little closer...


Thank you for stopping by! If you are thinking about applying for the RBGE Certificate Course - I highly recommend it. I have learned so much - and yes, it is hard work and it is very hard on some days to fit into my life, but sometimes we just need to cease the moment and do what we may never get the chance to do later in life :)